Sunday – Saturday : 10:00 AM – 19:00 PM


Nepali Deep Tissue

This is a must-have massage for the traveller who wants to experience traditional Nepali culture. This massage is performed with simple strokes of the palms and uses warm fragrant mustard seed oil. Delightfully different.

Swedish Massage

A European style body massage which stimulates blood circulation and soothes tense muscles using a combination of compression, kneading, tapping and flowing strokes. Swedish technique is likely the most common and popular massage style world-wide.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage use a combination of penetration and relaxing pressure (often with fists, forearms or elbows) to release deep seated tensions. This modality gives particular focus to the back, neck and shoulders to ease knotted muscles, remove toxins and relieve pain.

Himalayan Head and Shoulder Massage

A pick-me-up for those not inclined to have a full-body treatment. An invigoration scalp, neck and shoulder massage relives stress and muscle tension and leaves the recipient feeling calm and refreshed.

Rejuvenation Massage

A complete body massage with relaxing techniques which will make energetic creating a deep sense of relaxation.

Ayurvedic Massage

Experience an Indian healing tradition that go back more than 5000years. A relaxing blend of smooth strokes, energy point work, and muscle friction is designed to alleviate and balance the body’s systems.

Hot Stone Massage

In Nepali Culture, it is believed that Gods reside in rocks and stones. Let us release the god/goddess within and feel your body’s tension and your cares melt away under the penetration, warmth and gentle pressure of heated, smooth, oiled stones. The therapist alternately massages the body with warm/hot stone in their hands or places stone on major muscle groups for deep and prolonged heat therapy.