Himalayan Healers is a Healing Arts School and collectioin of Spa Boutiques, with branches in both Nepal and in the United States. It is the only project in the world that trains "Untouchables" in teh Healing Arts.

By addressing the issues of "Untouchability" via Touch Therapies we are facilitating both personal and community healing in profound and peaceful manner on Nepal. Himalayan Healers also recognizes that Nepal is a nation of need. As such, we have open admissions and provide trainning and support to any and all. Our trainning and employment also focuses upon assisting victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence, and others of profound need.

As the only professional massage therapy school in Nepal that offers a curriculum that provides a nationally recognized certificat from the USA, and the only school that is recognized by international massage therapy associations, our level of training and success is unparalleled in Nepal. That alone is what our entire efforts and enterprise is focused upon. While the orther activities are incredibly motivating, inspiring, and of true merit, our first and foremost concern is the facilitation of our student's healing and growth- Which they naturally carry with them to thier families, thier homes, thier community, and thier clients.

1 Month Training

  • Duration: 1 month

Trainee will go through the process of massage and gain in-hand working experience in Beauty and Massage Industry.

Advance Whole Spa Course

  • Duration: 500 hours/li>

This training is designed to help training learn every thing related to Spa. Trainee after the training will be able to work in any branch of massage and spa. The training coprises traing on followin topis: Nepali Massage, Sacred Hot Stone Massage,Fresh Fruit Facial, Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Medicure, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology, Papaya Facial, Shirodhara, Swedish Massage, Pedicure, Head & Shoulder Massage, Body Scrub, Footy Bath Facility (FREE), SHower Facility, Trekkers Massage, Gold Facial & Calexy Facial.

Ayurvedic Massage Training

  • Duration: 1 weeks
  • Per Day: 3 hours

Aurvedic Massage Training for beginners. The training goes through all the basics of Massage Therapy Training. The duration for the training is 1 week, 3 hours per day. It introduces and builds a person to be confident enough to do Ayurvedic Massage. The training starts with Body Introduction; then trainee will learn Compression dealing with loosening the body , Oiling and finally palming.