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S e r v i c e s


Personalized relaxation for tension relief and well-being.


Tranquil retreat for holistic wellness and stress relief.

Body Treatments

Detoxifying rituals for soft, renewed skin.

Skin Care

Tailored skincare for radiant, healthy skin.

Facial Treatments

Pampering facials for clear, youthful skin.

Leg Treatments

Specialized therapies for tired legs.

Other Treatments

Holistic therapies for overall harmony.

What People say about us?

Deborah Copaken
    Deborah Copaken

    we stumbled upon the Himalayan Healers of Nepal. A healing arts school in Thamel, it trains those in the untouchables caste to touch. It also trains war widows, women who’ve been sex-trafficked, and victims of domestic abuse, helping them seek work in the spa industry and escape the horrors, social isolation and destitution of their pasts.